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DeMario Jewelry includes DeMario necklace, DeMario necklace parures (DeMario Necklace sets) and other DeMario Jewelry. Robert De Mario designed jewelry from 1945-1960. He worked with faceted beads, pearls, including baroque pearls, and rhinestones. Much of his work has beads and pearls wired onto an ornate base, and his work is often confused with Miriam Haskell's jewelry. However, he was not related to her. Excellent design and craftsmanship was his forte'. DeMario jewelry is very collectible since there was a very limited amount of it originally. Thank you for visiting Sassy Classics.

DeMario Jewelry:

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DeMario Turquoise Molded Glass Parure (signed Robert DeMario N.Y.C.) Item DDP6932 A surging sea of blue fascination turns any evening into a showcase for opulent style thanks to this DeMario Turquoise Molded Glass Necklace. DeMario is a favorite of jewelry collectors and without a doubt on par with Miriam Haskell in terms of beadwork and design and just as collectible! Circa 1950s, molded turquoise beads of varying hues cascade in a trio of strands that meet a rhinestone and golden openwork centerpiece. View the detail. In business only from 1945 to 1960s, DeMario jewelry is highly collectible. Overflowing with beads of varying shapes, sizes and textures, the centerpiece has a large molded turquoise bead at its center and clear faux diamonds interspersed. This DeMario necklace is adjustable from 14" to 15 and 3/4" and closes with a dangling bead and hook clasp. View the back The matching earrings are 1" in diameter clip backs with turquoise bead and rhinestone accents. This vintage Demario Necklace set is stark sophistication for the discerning woman. Excellent condition. Price $444.00

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DeMario Pink and Aqua Glass Choker (signed DeMario NY) Item DDN0153 Appropriate for a luncheon meeting, polo match, or regatta at the yacht club, this DeMario necklace is gorgeous! Known for his outstanding designs and the use of gorgeous glass beads, Robert DeMario is often confused with Miriam Haskell. He did not work with her. He was on his own and retired after only a few years in business from 1945 to 1960, making his jewelry fairly rare and very highly desirable. The stunning pastel aqua and pink glass beads in this circa 1950s necklace are beautiful enough but the detail in the centerpiece is just plain gorgeous!!  Take a peek It contains gold gilt brass leaves with large aqua glass beads in 2 shades of aqua, and large pink beads (in 2 shades of pink) along with clusters of seed beads in pink and in aqua. The necklace is just 14" long but Sassy can add up to 1 inch to make it 15". The strands come together at the back with a lovely foral cluster on each side in aqua seed beads and closes with a center golden floret with a clear rhinestone Here is a view. So when your man invites you to the Annual New Member Dinner at the Westwood Club, you'll know what to wear to impress them all. Excellent condition. SOLD


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Demario Earrings (signed Demario) Item DDE1233 One of my favorite designers, known for his great designs from 1945 to 1960. I believe these great looking designer earrings are from the 1950s. Clip back earrings, they are 1 and 1/8" in diameter, with Russian gold plate, sparkley rhinestones and seed pearls. See them up close. Excellent condition. Price $88.00

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Dazzling DeMario Turquoise Crystals and Filigree Parure (signed DeMario NY) Item DDP7934  SOLD

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