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Sterling Silver Designer Ribbons and Flowers Choker (signed Sterling, Pat 236854) Item FSN7902 The lady wearing this designer stunner is far ahead of her time. That's because this Ribbons and Flowers choker is a masterful mod marvel. Created circa 1940s by a designer who had it patented, during WWII, this artful avant-garde necklace is an accomplishment in magnificent design. View the detail. This choker is a remarkable wreath of blossoming sterling silver flowers with flowing ribbons linked end to end. The floral panels rest richly against your throat and enhance your neck like no other necklace. Dramatically bold, the choker has a 38.6 gram heft and it measures 14 and 3/8" long and a dramatic 1 and 5/8" wide. The sterling ribbons and bows go all the way around in glorious splendor with a hidden box push clasp. View the clasp. Dare to wear posh and splendor with grandiose glamour. Excellent condition. SOLD



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Mexico Designer Sterling Niello Frilly Parure (signed, Guaranteed Mexico A.C.E. 925 Silver) Item MSP9351 It's after six and you've got a date with fun! The girls are going out for a night on the town and you're planning on making Downtown feel like Fashion Week in Milan. This circa 1930s Mexico Sterling Parure is a photo-op waiting to happen. Fancy frilly Sterling silver panels lavish your body with so much luxury that it almsot feels scandalous. View the detail. Is it a crime to look this good in public? The showstopping sterling masterwork is given an abundance of grace and elegance by alternating with tasteful teardrop panels. View the necklace. The frilly panels are mirrored in design on both necklace and bracelet. View the bracelet. The set is pre-eagle mark meaning it is voguishly vintage, circa 1930s, and it has a wonderful 101 grams sterling heft! The bracelet is a little under 7 and 1/4" wide, 7" long and closes with a push clasp. The necklace is 16" long and closes with a push clasp and is signed. View the clasps & signatures. Amp up your evening with this dynamite sterling duo! Excellent condition. $780.00

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Art Deco Sterling Marcasite and Onyx Necklace Item FSVN1926 (signed 925, MRF) Sex appeal and sophistication become one within the elaborate design of this exceptional 1930s sterling silver art deco necklace. Intricately designed sterling silver panels with tantalizing marcasites hold the key to the ultimate in femme fatale seduction. View the detail. It has a luxurious weight of 82.5 grams. Rich black onyx stones add intoxicating enhancements and decorate the fancy framed centerpiece and side accents. Between the onyx stones, there are gorgeous marcasites. The necklace is a comfortable 18 and 1/4" long, it closes with a hidden box push clasp. All marcasites are present. Excellent condition. SOLD






Antique Mexico Sterling Amethyst Repousse' Necklace (signed Mexico Sterling) Item SFMN9793 "Put this on and prepare for the time of your life!" The note attached to the box didn't give any details, but upon seeing the resplendence of this circa 1930s Antique Mexico Sterling and Amethyst Necklace your mind is already reeling! This necklace looks valuable…feels more extravagant and frankly you might just be untouchable because you're so smoking hot wearing it. Stunningly rich, sterling silver repousse flower bud and leaf panels are a continuous wreath of indulgent elegance that encircles you. Each one is given an intense pop of color with a round amethyst cabochon that is big enough to make anyone's eyes become the size of dinner plates. The necklace weighs 65.5 grams sterling. It measures 16 and 7/8" long and closes with a wide hook clasp. The evening is a whirlwind of excitement and fun! And you know wearing this you'll look incredible from start to finish and beyond. Excellent condition. SOLD







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Sterling Silver Mid Century Modern Necklace (signed Mexico silver, tests + for at least 925 sterling) Item SMN1876 This is it! The vacation of a lifetime! You know that every moment will be spectacular. Shouldn't you be spectacular too? You will be when you don this sumptuous Sterling Silver Mid Century Modern Necklace. Whether it's Morocco, Paris or any point on the globe, you'll have the kind of killer style that will have the hotel staff wondering who you are! The necklace's basket weave pattern is masterfully crafted in sterling silver. View the basket weave. It weighs in at a hefty 75.7 grams sterling, 16 and 1/2" long, 1 and 1/8" wide, and has a hidden hook clasp. View the clasp. Whether you're globetrotting or out with your friends for a night on the town, this sensational sterling necklace is a decadent distraction that was made to please! Excellent condition. SOLD

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Ballesteros Sterling Mayan Parure (signed Ballesteros, sterling, hand made, Taxco) Item MSDBP7021 When you laid your eyes upon this pre-eagle mark, circa 1930s Ballesteros Sterling Mayan Parure, you knew that it would be a night like no other. View the detail. Upon touching this peerless beauty, you feel as if you are infused with the mystery and intrigue that surrounds Mayan culture. This designer necklace is made up of sterling silver panels that seem to be fashioned from enticement itself with lines and angles that beg the eyes for adoration. It weighs 55.5 grams sterling. Small round silver links join each panel as it encircles you with an aura of sexy, sensual power. It measures 14 and 3/4" long and 1" wide. It closes with a thick and substantial hook clasp. You're possessed of elegance while wearing the necklace and the matching earrings open the window to passion. These dangling screwbacks match the panels of the necklace and persuade your beloved to whisper sweet nothings in your ear. They are 1 and 3/4" long and 1" wide. What wonders will this evening hold for you? With this magnificent and highly collectible Mexican sterling dream, anything is possible. Excellent condition. Price $696.00

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Mexico Sterling Aztec & Niello Necklace (signed Mexico 925, an eagle sign with a 1, and VOO) Item MSDVN1858 If you are an aficionado of Mexico Sterling, then this unique Voo Sterling Aztec Necklace is sure to capture your attention like nothing else you've ever seen! View the complex shapes and layers. This circa 1950s to 1960s piece rivals anything from rival makers of the time and has an edgy look that plays beautifully against modern silhouettes. One look at the intricacy of the openwork, layering and niello and the ever gazing eye at the center of this masterwork will draw everyone in and will never let go! There is true depth to this artistic piece that shows a genius' inspiration and a flair for over-the-top style! See the inside.The necklace weighs a hefty 86 grams sterling! It is 16 and 1/2" long and closes with a push clasp. See the clasp. Jaw dropping! Hypnotic! Whatever words you choose, this Taxco Mexico Sterling necklace encompasses them all. Excellent condition. SOLD





*Sterling Silver and Azurite Cross Pendant (signed 925) Item MSC9905 Your faith is reflected in every aspect of your life and you're happy to share it with everyone who will hear. This Sterling Silver and Azurite cross is a beautiful expression of enduring faith and strength of spirit. A large sterling silver cross with extraordinary filigree openwork is a profound beacon of light in your everyday walk of life. Such a beautiful testament will not go unnoticed. The cross itself frames a fine selection of fine azurite cabochons in varying hues of heavenly blue. The cross is circa early 1900s. Sassy added the Mexico sterling chain (circa 1970s) because it looked so perfect with the cross. You can see the care and love that went into crafting this magnificent cross. It was surely a labor love. The cross is 3 and 1/2" long by 2 and 1/4" wide, and the chain is 26" long and can be shortened if needed (just ask). It closes with a wide hook clasp. You will cherish this enduring symbol of faith, hope and charity. Excellent condition. Price $216.00

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