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Miriam Haskell Green Crystal Bracelet Set (signed Miriam Haskell) Item DHBR9104 SOLD



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Green Crystal and Pearl Cluster Bracelet Item BR1944 Quitting time! Time to head for the cafes. Yes, your real life is just getting started. When you get that heart stopping voice mail from a special male -"Are you busy after work?" -you want to pull out all the stops. Perhaps a stroll around the Village or concert on the park will be on your romantic agenda. Magnificent emerald crystals sparkle like stars in a night sky on this stunning crystal and pearl cluster bracelet. The faux pearls are surrounded with beautiful detailed golden leaves which are studded with aurora borealis. View the detail. Measuring 6 and 3/4" long and a sassy 1 and 1/4" wide, it closes with a foldover clasp. View the back. Sassy says this bracelet is phenomenal, you know its in fantastic condition, no chips or cracks mar its beauty and the pearls are in perfect condition too. Circa 1950s. Take your romantic life to the next level, in this beautiful bracelet. Feminine and gorgeous! Excellent condition. Price $160.00

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Victorian Bohemian 6 Row Garnet Bracelet Item VFBR9552 SOLD




Sterling Silver Siam Bracelet and Earrings (signed Siam Sterling) Item SSBR1924 It is quite rare to find matching earrings to a Siam bracelet. But you know me. I am always looking for the unusual and the rare pieces that are still in great shape. We know this sterling bracelet was made before 1939 because Siam changed its name to Thailand in 1939 and it is signed Siam sterling. This sterling bracelet is super wide at 1 and 1/16" and is 7 and 1/8" long. It has its original guard chain. View the detail. Fancy dancers and a decorative elephant are the key designs. The earrings are screwback loops with a tiny dancer on each one. Just gorgeous! Excellent condition. Price $195.00

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Trifari Mid Century Bracelet Set (signed Trifari with a crown) Item DTBR12345 Trifari is synonymous with fabulous designs and high quality workmanship. This gorgeous 1950s Crown Trifari Bracelet set is enameled in gorgeous cherry red and pure white. View the colors. The 5 little white bead florettes are made of white lucite and are 3 diensional. The bracelet is 7" long and closes with a foldover clasp. The clip back earrings are great looking moon shaped beautiies that will decorate your ears beautifully. They are 1" long by a little over 3/4" wide and signed Trifari with a crown over it. The set is very well made, is richly gold plated, and is in fantastic condition without any enamel missing and there is no discoloration. View the back. Excellent condition. $140.00

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Antique Victorian Carved Bone Floral Bracelet Item FBR9367 The bistro and mojitos with your best girl friends is always a great way to end a day. When you can show off shamelessly with your latest and greatest Sassy treasure, the day gets even better. Circa 1890s, this Carved Bone Floral Bracelet offers a daily dose of affluent artistry that calls for full on fawning over it! Beautiful caved bone flowers lend luxury to your girlie gatherings or glam gala events. It is exotic and fabulously first-class, with unique style that makes it more than memorable. Nice and thick, it measures 1 and 1/4" wide and 6 inches in diameter and is stretchy. Blue jeans or basic black, everything you wear looks better next to this splendid treasure. Excellent condition. Price $195.00

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Bates & Bacon 12K Gold Filled Enameled Paste Antique Clamper Bracelet (signed Bates & Bacon, 1/20 12K, U.S.A., Claspct) Item VDBR176 SOLD





Givenchy Colorful Wide Runway Bracelet Cuff (signed Givenchy) Item DGBR9270 The House of Givenchy is synonymous with supermodels, celebrities and haute couture fashion. When you think runway, you think Givenchy and when it comes to the heights of sophistication, there is no comparison. This circa 1960s Givenchy Wide Bracelet Cuff takes everything you love about high fashion and concentrates it into one powerfully, posh package. Marvelous matte gold color gives an electric spark to the colorful green, amber, and aqua rhinestones and amethyst and pearl beads. Phenomenal! This bracelet is 1 and 3/4" tall and 2 and 1/4" in diameter. Take that runway style to the boulevard and turn some heads! Closeup view. Excellent condition. SOLD




Celluloid Red Polka Dot Bracelet Set Item BBR1969 Unless you have taken a vow of poverty (in which case I’m not sure why you are torturing yourself by browsing here!) I cannot think of a single good reason not to have at least one Celluloid bracelet set in your collection. Really, not one! Lipstick red dots on this slightly off white Celluloid bracelet are showing off big time for you. View the detail. Circa early 1950s, this set has never been out of fashion and most certainly never will be! With matching pierced (post) earrings, you can't go wrong. You can wear these day and night, inside and out, plain or fancy - they simply go everywhere but the gym. You’ll look Mahvelous Dahling! Excellent condition. Price $180.00

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