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Designer MC Pink Topaz Crystal Floral Clamper Item DMBR9601 Get ready for some seriously glitzy flower-power because this Designer Pink Topaz Crystal Floral Clamper packs a fashion punch! Bright, brilliant bold color that shines is what makes this your key to editorial stardom!. Sensationally sparkly heart-shaped topaz crystals with a faux diamond center turn up the glam in this high profile clamper! See the crystals. But it doesn't stop there! Circa 1980s, a stellar polished goldtone band brings luxurious beauty during the day and sizzling fire all through the night. See the gold plated band. The design is outstanding! See how it opens. Truly the work of a designer with a gift for high class couture, it is signed MC. See it from the top. This vintage designer bracelet has a well working push clasp. See the clasp.Womanly and wonderful for upscale elegance, this flower will help your style blossom anew! Excellent condition. Price $165.00

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Juliana Black Glass and Rhinestone Vintage Clamper Bracelet Set  Item DJBR5651 SOLD



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Luxurious Wide Golden Leaves Bracelet Set Item BR1921 Lush, breezy leaves turn you into the Mistress of Fashion with this Luxurious Wide Golden Leaves Bracelet Set. Enduring elegance elevates the bracelet to iconic levels as the glitzy gleam of polished golden glamour lights up the room. Three brushed gold leaves with a brilliant gold ball base decorates each panel. View the detail. The bracelet is a full 1 and 3/4" wide and 6 and 3/4" long and closes with a fold-over clasp. The matching clip earrings feature a braided halo with leaves sprouting from a smaller golden loop. The earrings are 1 and 1/2" tall by slightly over 1 and 1/4" wide. View the back. Take your turn in the spotlight with this show stopping set! Excellent condition. Price $140.00

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Wide Carved Cinnabar Dragon Bangle Item FFBR1911 The woman who wears red commands the attention of everyone in the room. Wear this circa 1960s Wide Carved Cinnabar Dragon Bangle however, and the whole world will take notice. View the detail. The exotic dragon carved into this seductively red Cinnabar bangle symbolizes power and prestige, something no woman should be without! You'll be drawn to the detail across every inch of this bracelet which is carved deeply and beautifully to dazzle from afar. The bracelet is 1 and 3/8" wide and2 and 1/2" in diameter. Experience the exotic enticement and sophistication of sensational Cinnabar! Excellent condition. Price $186.00

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Victorian Revival Mauve Confetti Lucite Bracelet Set Item VBBR173 SOLD



Copper Swirls Bracelet DRBR9224 Wrapped around your wrist are five copper panels with elegant swirls that capture the imagination and glow with a natural beauty that can only be found with genuine copper jewelry. Although unsigned, my educated guess is that this is a designer bracelet, Renoir or Matisse. Circa 1960s, it is three dimensional with niello enhancement (Vocabulary). The artist started with a curved oval copper base and then welded 2 copper swirls that swirl into each other. Beautiful design. View the detail. A generous 1 and 3/4" wide, it is 7 and 3/8" long and closes with a box push clasp. View the back. Which designer is it? Who cares! Excellent condition. Price $165.00

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Green and Yellow Vintage Rhinestone Bracelet Item BR1809 You earned your wealth; now wear it well with this glitzy Green and Yellow Rhinestone Bracelet! Every woman at the Women's Club evening soiree feels incredibly underdressed at the sight of this glittering bracelet! Yellow rhinestones are the beautiful borders for rows of rich, prong set, green opaque glass cabochon beads. View the detail . This one is a real sparkler! It has a goldtone back that adds to the overall brilliance of the piece. It is a full 1" wide, 7 and 1/8" long, and closes with a foldover clasp. Draped in this Green and Yellow attention grabbing vintage bracelet, you'll be the toast of the evening! Excellent condition. Price $144.00

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Sterling Horse Gauntlet (signed sterling and an insignia which is partially cut off and indecipherable) Item SFBR1819 It's exhilarating to feel the wind rushing through your hair as you speed full gallop across a field on your favorite steed. This sterling silver horse gauntlet vividly captures that incredible sensation and thrill of watching or riding one of these magnificent animals. Circa 1930s, the artisan who created this wonderful 1 and 3/4" tall by 1 and 1/4" wide horse has given it so much life that you can almost feel the warmth of its body as you slip it onto your wrist. View the detail. You'll feel that its alive as you run your hand across the detailed features that thrust it from fantasy to reality in a torrid rush of speed and power. 18.1 grams sterling, it is 2 and 1/4" to 2 and 1/2" by 1 and 3/4" in oval diameter. However, it is adjustable by gently stretching or squeezing it so it will fit a 6" wrist to a 7" wrist. See the back. This remarkable sterling silver bracelet is sure to offer you years of enjoyment whether you are a horse lover or just enjoy playing the ponies. Excellent condition. SOLD





Antique Sterling Marcasite Hearts Bracelet (signed ?AS) Item VSBR9002 (signed ?AS) Is your heart open to the idea of endless love? It will be once you set your eyes upon this elegant circa early 1900s to 1930s Antique Sterling Hearts Bracelet. 13.9 grams sterling, a plethora of pretty, openwork hearts with tiny marcasites holds sway over all that ogle its lacy majesty. See the marcasites. Each of these intricately designed panels is a brilliantly designed dream that the elegant lady will love to be seen wearing. This antique sterling bracelet measures 7" long and 7/16" wide and closes with a marcasite decorated fold over clasp. See the back. All marcasites are present. All the hearts of the world belong to you! Excellent condition. Price $156.00

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