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Vintage costume jewelry bracelets and antique bracelets include vintage rhinestone bracelets, clear rhinestones, green rhinestone bracelet set, and all kinds of vintage costume bracelets. Phone 480 219 9251 Email Sassy

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Aspirin Green and Orange Lucite Bangle Item BBR9886 Doctor Sassy has the prescription for striking style! This incredible Aspirin Green and Orange Lucite Bangle is just what the doctor ordered! Intense, eye popping color and bold design make this fanciful bangle an instant hit! Lime green, pea green, orange and brown discs are suspended in clear Lucite making this jaw dropping gem a thing of beauty! View the detail It is 1/2" wide, 5/16" thick, and is 2 and 1/2" in diameter. This bracelet is pure fun for the fashionista or the pharmacist in your life! You can wear it alone or with other bangles. Excellent condition. $98.00

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Jonne 7 Strand Red Bracelet and Earrings Set (signed Jonne) Item DJBR9176 SOLD





*****NEW LISTING*****

Baby Blue & Red Rhinestone Baguettes Bracelet Set  Item BR6680 Commanding combination of colors and terrific design makes a statement without you ever saying a word. Dazzling rhinestones in sky blue and fabulous ruby red baguettes give you the razzle dazzle you've been looking for. View the detail. 7" long and 7/8" wide, it closes with a foldover clasp. The matching clip back earrings are 1 and 1/2" by 1 and 1/4". If you need to sparkle (and you know you do) this bracelet demi parure is for you. Smart and stylish, you can wear it wherever you want. Who is to say when and where you can wear your jewelry? You are the boss! Excellent condition. Price $128.00

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Mexico Alpaca Aztec Chrysoprase Cuff Bracelet (signed Alpaca and an indecipherable signature) Item MBR1942 Unusually Passionate, Powerful and Pretentiously BOLD! This circa 1950s Mexican Alpaca Aztec bracelet is wider than wide at a whopping 2 and 3/8"! View the detail. It captures the essence of Pre-Columbian culture while delivering a stunning statement of style that places you in the limelight. Circa 1930s or 1940s. What is Alpaca? It is not silver. It is a combination of copper, zinc and nickel, and sometimes iron and is collectible. A huge carved chrysoprase panel at the center has a stoic Aztec face with a crown and dangling earrings. View the face. This Pre-Columbian face is both daunting and haunting with incredible mystique. The bracelet is a comfortable 7 and 3/8" long and closes with a box push clasp. This Mexican high quality Alpaca marvel will make an intriguing addition to your collection. Excellent condition. Price $270.00

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Antique Victorian Repousse Silvertone Roses Bracelet Item BR160 The look of sterling with the price of costume jewelry, this gorgeous silvertoned repoussé bracelet has perfect rose blossoms. View the roses. Repoussé is still practised today but dates from the most ancient times. This high quality well made bracelet is circa early 1900s. The bracelet has a niello background to make the roses stand out more. On the wrist it has a generous width 1 and 1/8" wide and it is 7 and 1/4" long and closes with a It is light weight and appropriate for everyday wear or for the evening. Excellent condition. Price $112.00

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Florenza Costume Clamper Bracelet (signed Forenza) Item DFBR1851 SOLD

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Sterling Good Luck Acorn Bracelet (signed sterling) Item SBR9834 Considered to be an emblem of luck, prosperity, youthfulness and power, the acorn is a good luck symbol indeed! It also represents spiritual growth. This beautiful bracelet with 2 large acorns and pretty leaves will bring you all kinds of goodies. It weighs 12.8 grams sterling and is 7" long and a little over 3/4" wide. It closes with a foldover clasp. View the detail. Circa 1930s, it came from an estate in Phoenix, Arizona. Very pretty. Embrace the gifts this inspired bracelet will give you. Excellent condition. Price $96.00

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Dear Val, Make sure you wear them while anchoring on TV. Congratulations on your new job!

Val is one of my "frequent buyers"

Dear Sassy, OH MY WORD! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! My bracelets and earrings arrived yesterday at my office, although I was home sick. Today, not feeling too much better, I dressed in black and no jewelry. Well, when I opened the box, I put on both bracelets and the earrings and felt better immediately. WHO KNEW JEWELRY WAS A CURE FOR WHAT AILS YOU! I think you failed to do justice to the white bracelet! Extraordinary would only begin to describe it's "sparkle-ocity!" Sincerely, Val


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Amber and Topaz Crystal Clamper Bracelet Item BR9718 SOLD





Victorian Revival Pink Ornate Bracelet Set Item VBR9608 Now here's cool, pale pink elegance and vintage beauty in one gorgeous package. This absolute stunning vintage bracelet (which may be a Selro) features antiqued gold openwork metal, framing pastel pink pyramid confetti lucite stones, augmented with twinkling sapphire pink rhinestones and seed pearls.1 and 1/2" wide. See it up close. It has golden hinges and is 3 dimensional. See it from the side. This beautiful bracelet is 7 and 1/8" long. While the great looking matching clip back earrings are a not to be missed size at 1" long and 7/8" wide. Such splendor partners beautifully with everything from a simple silk blouse to the slipperiest statement of an evening gown. Add a deeper touch of drama to the subtle shades of you! Excellent condition. Excellent condition. Price $222.00

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Mirror Backed Lavender Glass Articulated Bracelet Item BR12345 You've set the gold standard for style when you walk out of the door wearing this beautiful vintage bracelet. This is a glitz blitz that's a marvel in Manhattan and magnificent in Milan! An articulated and richly gold plated band bracelet is topped by three lavender, mirror backed, glass cabochons. This high quality bracelet has no problem with scene stealing and does it effortlessly! Check it out. It is 7" long and 5/8" wide at the center and closes with a foldover clasp. This is showy and spectacular style that strikes a colorful chord! Excellent condition. Price $128.00

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Hand Painted Porcelain Floral Costume Bracelet Item BR9461 He worked and toiled diligently. This would be his masterpiece…for her. This pretty Painted Porcelain Bracelet is a heartfelt love story that unfolds before your very eyes. Every flower is lovingly painted, capturing on each panel, a garden of delights that will bloom eternal. They are set in light yellow gold plating in perfect condition. The art work is amazing with beautiful brush strokes. There are six painted porcelain panels with no two exactly the same. The bracelet is 1 and 3/16" wide ". It closes with a fold-over clasp. A lovely pair of painted porcelain earrings with bright daisies is enough to make a grey day shine with the light of a thousand smiles! The earrings are 1" tall by 3/4" wide. Make your stroll through the garden of life a memorable one! Excellent condition. Price $132.00

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juliana Red Aurora Boreallis Clamper Bracelet Set (not signed) Item DJBR6635 SOLD





Large Blue Crystal and Rhinestone Bracelet Item BR9376 So, did you marry a mogul? How else can you explain an evening out wearing this luscious Large Blue Crystal Bracelet? Six stunning blue crystals with fabulous facets, flaunt their color like a pool of the purest arctic waters. These openback stones set in shimmering golden settings are made to electrify a crowd. The twinkling ice blue rhinestone accents bring added excitement to this thrilling piece. It measures over 3/4" wide, 7 and 1/8" long, and closes with a foldover clasp. This brilliant blue bracelet is a true beauty! Excellent condition. $136.00

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