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Antique Art Deco Flapper Fashion Queen Cameo (signed 14K) Item VC7458 What makes the ideal woman? Classic cameo makers thought Greco-Roman goddesses were worthy women. I, on the other hand, think that those fabulous Flappers were the bee's knees and you will too once you take a gander at this glamour-filled circa 1930s Art Deco Flapper Cameo. An eager Flapper fashion queen wearing a wide brimmed hat and a risqué off the shoulder dress with two flower corsages is the focus of this exceptional antique piece, that represents fashion freedom! Carved in relief, she is a stunner! An ornate 14K gold frame surrounds our fashion conscious Flapper who is ever looking toward the next chance to get out and dance. It sits in a beautiful openwork frame... that is, there is an opening all the way around the cameo (which looks like dark enameling in my photo). This stunning cameo has a flip up bale so it can be worn as a pendant or a cameo. It measures 1 and 1/2" long by 1 and 3/16" wide. Pay tribute to the women that helped make stupendous style what it is today with a unique early antique cameo which was made back then for the now Sassiest of Sassy antique cameo collectors! Excellent condition. Price $354.00

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Antique Angel Skin Cameo Necklace (signed 10K, chain tests positive for 12K gold) Item CN34401 SOLD


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1890 TO 1910

10K Art Nouveau Cameo (signed 10K) Item VC8354 They stared envious. Who was she to have her head held up so high? As she turned her key in the lock of her shop their mouths dropped in awe. She was a wife, mother and shop owner in a time when women were scarcely allowed to think for themselves. The spirit of the liberated woman resides in this circa 1890s to 1910 Antique Art Nouveau Cameo. Not lacking in snobbish airs, this staunch sophisticate isn't about to let anything stand in her way. Elite and elegant in every way, this alluring lady has her hair done up in a bun and long, feathers unfurling around her. This luxurious antique cameo is bezel set and measures 1 and 1/2" by 1 and 3/16" closing with the old type 'C' clasp. They peer into her world as she peers out welcoming them in…and you as well. Excellent condition. SOLD

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Vintage 14K Full Bust Victorian Revival Lava Cameo VC6942 She smiles coyly. The sound of his footsteps sends her heart racing as she nestles beneath the grape vines; just out of sight. Will he pass by without noticing or will he capture her unawares and sweep her into a world of never-ending passion? This Full Bust Victorian Lava Cameo Replica is an incredibly high quality Italian cameo that revives the Age of Romance in exquisite fashion. A vintage cameo, most likely made in the 1980s, it revives the 1850s. This intricately carved cameo is a three-dimensional wonder of skill and talent that practically springs to life before your very eyes. Wide-eyed excitement graces this beauty's face as that elfish smile stifles an elated squeal! A flowing fall of grape leaves and grapes streams over her hair on either side with her naturally wavy locks peering out from under them at the front. She is an angelic-looking beauty; unparalleled in her refinement. This bust cameo has no need for excessive accoutrements and resides in a simple yet luxurious 14k gold frame. It is a full 2" tall by 1 and 1/2" wide and is 1" thick. The pin is longer than the frame to ensure a perfect replica of the 1850s. It is considered a vintage piece and is over 30 years old. This is fashion brilliance that will capture every eye! And the carving is magnificent! Excellent condition. Price $960.00

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LATE 1800s to

EARLY 1900s

Edwardian 14K Gold Cameo (tests positive for 14K gold or higher) Item VC7592 A chaperoned trip to the Continent was the equivalent to a college education for a young lady in the Edwardian Era. What a way to learn, no need to take notes, just absorb the culture, old and new. Circa late 1800s to early 1900s, this magnificent cameo bespeaks of the Edwardian fascination with the Classical world. And who wouldn't be fascinated with the ancient world with antiquities such as this? Rare large cameo measuring 2" by 1 and 5/8" is a not to be missed artifact and perhaps a wealthy debutante's keepsake of her Italian trip. The closer you get the more gorgeous details you see. A stunning 14K rich openwork frame surrounds the exquisite carved portrait. An ancient Sassy Lady is depicted with allurements of her time. Flowers on her gown, her hair is coifed with feathers and tendrils fall onto her tender neck. Her gown drapes seductively from a feathered shoulder strap on one side and flowers holding up the other side. And those clever Edwardian jewelers think of everything. The all 14K gold findings include a pin and flip up pendant bale so you can wear it either way. True to late 1800s style, the pin is longer than the width of the cameo, so watch your delicate fingers tips. Rare circa late 1800s to early 1900s cameo portrait is a keepsake of classic beauty. With 14K gold and stunning details in the carving, a very large size, it's a breathtaking beauty. Magnificent. Excellent condition. SOLD







Cameo Habille Flapper with Diamond Comb and Necklace (signed 14K) Item VC6934 Isn't this a remarkable piece? The idealized women that are represented in Cameo Habilles are most often Grecian figures from mythological tales, but this unbelievable Art Deco cameo features a fabulous Flapper in full regalia. Bobbed hair was in and foreheads were out as you can see with obvious clarity in this impressive relief carving. Our glamorous Flapper girl wears a diamond in her hair and a a great big diamond on her necklace (1/10 of a carat). Flappers were notoriously scandalous and wild women who loved sex and sexiness with youthful vigor. What a vamp our innocent looking seductress must have been to get these swanky jewels. Including the frame, this 2" long by 1" wide carved shell cameo sits within a girdle of 2 twisted 14K gold strands. The lower strand is wide and the overlying strand is narrower. The vivacious vixen sits in relief with both arms fully bared and a wonderful draping low cut gown. If it weren't for these daring ladies, who knows where we women would be today? They broke barriers and demanded their rights to sexual freedom. Show your appreciation for these ladies who defined the word 'sex appeal' and own an incredibly rare Art Deco cameo of impeccable beauty. Excellent condition. Price $540.00

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14K Abercrombie and Fitch 1940s English Hunter Jumpers Intaglio Watch (signed Abercrombie & Fitch Co, 14k, Zodiac) Item CDAW8675 Since age 4, Cindy loved horses. And she had her dad wrapped around her finger. He sent her for riding lessons, paid for her leathers, the sheepskins, the shoeing by the ferrier, the farm where the horse was kept and the stable trainers who fed her horses over the years. Cindy rode after school and on Saturdays. She rode English hunter jumpers. And she was good! She won so many ribbons they covered her bedroom wall. And finally, when she was just 16, Cindy was chosen to try out for the olympics!! When Sassy saw this solid 14K gold 1930s to 1940s watch , she couldn't believe her eyes. It has reverse carved English crystals with painted English hunter jumpers. How rare is it? (*_*) Well, Sassy has never seen another one like it and believes she never will. The watch face and the reverse carvings (intaglios) have bubble tops. But that's not the kicker! Each hunter jumper is carved into the crystal in layers and then painted making it 3 dimensional! But wait, there's more! The band is a PAIR OF STIRRUPS !! The face is original and easy to read. So, who is Cindy? She is Sassy's daughter. And she has gone on to bigger and better things now but still loves horses. This equestrian watch is from the 1940s and is rarer than rare! It has been cleaned, oiled, and adjusted and keeps perfect time. It is 7" long and Sassy's jeweler can shorten or lengthen it a little if needed. And Sassy believes you will never see another one like it! EXTREMELY RARE! Excellent condition. SOLD

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