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Includes Weiss necklace, Weiss rhinestones, Wiesner Parure, Winard Bracelet, Signed vintage costume jewelry with last names starting with U to Z


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Weiss Baby Blue Rhinestone Parure (signed Weiss) Item DWP4668 A simply smashing threesome -- dazzle, elegance, and impact all at once! This baby blue rhinestone parure features a necklace, bracelet, and clipback earrings all in concert together. View the rhinestones. Notice the graduated ribbons of sparkling stones on the 15 and 1/2"necklace, which naturally draw the eyes to the face. It closes with a hook clasp and this design feature also ensures greater comfort for the wearer at the back of the neck since it is adjustable. The companion 6 and 3/4" bracelet is a certain sparkler on bare skin or over black gloves, a la "Breakfast at Tiffany's", while the 7/8"earrings have enough form and substance to peek fetchingly from beneath long hair or make a sweet, significant statement from bare ears. Rhodium-plated for extra glitz. A versatile set, wearable separately or all together. Plan to set fire to the night. Excellent condition. Price $160.00

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Viking Craft Sterling & Niello Bracelet (signed Viking Craft, US Pat Off., Sterling) Item SDVBR130 Step out with fanfare! The Viking Craft signature is relatively rare in the jewelry world. And this very versatile circa 1940s signed Viking Craft Sterling Bracelet makes every day a reason to celebrate style! View the detail. Lavish leaves with graduated berries are beautifully struck in sumptuous sterling silver with niello enhancement (vocabulary). Approximately 28 grams sterling, with heirloom quality that you absolutely crave, this sterling silver bracelet is undeniably appealing!. The bracelet is 7" long, 5/8" wide, and closes with a spring ring clasp. View the construction. Stay in style day in and day out with this gorgeous sterling silver bracelet! Excellent condition. SOLD

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Vendome Brushed Platinum Bead Choker (signed Vendome) Item DVN9970 You've got standards! Everything has to be top drawer, properly done, but with a spunky spirit. Smart, sophisticated and just lovely, here is a feminine, wear-everyday choker that is soooo classy. Understated for tailored elegance yet in a very classy way, these beads look like brushed platinum. See the beads. They are actually made of glass and the silvery spacers keep them in perfect alignment. Circa 1950s, vintage Vendome jewelry is highly collectible. Although this vintage designer necklace is adjustable from 15" to 18" long, technically making it a necklace, I am calling it a choker because the fabulous 11/16" width of the beads takes up some of the length. Huh? What I mean is that it fits like a choker. This vintage necklace closes with a hook clasp and dangling beads. See the clasp. Excellent condition. SOLD




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Designer Sterling Double Floral Bracelet (signed WRE) Item SDWBR157 Nothing embodies romance better than flowers and this circa 1940s Designer Sterling Double Floral Bracelet is a heartfelt gift for yourself or that certain someone special in your life. Made by the famous company, W. E. Richards in the 1940s, Lit by the haunting glow of sterling silver, each of these floral panels blossoms into a world of untold luxury. See the floral panels. Two three-dimensional flowers with three bountiful leaves emerging from each blossom capture youthful vibrancies and mature sophistication all at once. The bracelet weighs 36.7 grams sterling. It is a luxurious width at 1 and 1/8" wide and it is 7 and 1/4" long. It closes with a foldover clasp. See the back. This floral vintage sterling paradise will always be right at hand to make your day magnificent. Excellent condition. SOLD

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Mexico Sterling Aztec & Niello Necklace (signed Mexico 925, an eagle sign with a 1, and VOO) Item MSDVN1858 If you are an aficionado of Mexico Sterling, then this unique Voo Sterling Aztec Necklace is sure to capture your attention like nothing else you've ever seen! View the complex shapes and layers. This circa 1950s to 1960s piece rivals anything from rival makers of the time and has an edgy look that plays beautifully against modern silhouettes. One look at the intricacy of the openwork, layering and niello and the ever gazing eye at the center of this masterwork will draw everyone in and will never let go! There is true depth to this artistic piece that shows a genius' inspiration and a flair for over-the-top style! See the inside.The necklace weighs a hefty 86 grams sterling! It is 16 and 1/2" long and closes with a push clasp. See the clasp. Jaw dropping! Hypnotic! Whatever words you choose, this Taxco Mexico Sterling necklace encompasses them all. Excellent condition. SOLD






Volupte Spectacular Large Rhinestone Necklace Item DVN9913 Put some sizzle into your evenings with this dazzling collection of totally flashy and dramatic rhinestones! A gorgeous assortment of prong set high quality rhinestones makes this beautiful necklace sparkle like there's no tomorrow! The 3 dimensional design is truly fabulous! A base of large clear rhinestone baguettes and smaller chatons are topped with a row of extra large rhinestone chatons - making it 3 dimensional. This row descends to the marvelous dramatic oval drop of large baguettes and large chaton rhinestones and an eye-popping super large, clear tear-drop rhinestone at its center, creating an ultrafeminine look. Circa 1950s, the necklace is adjustable from 14" to 16 and 1/4" long. Each side ends in a pear shaped rhinestone flanked with 2 chaton and closes with a rhinestone topped hook clasp. The centerpiece is 2" long by 1 and 5/8" wide.The quality of these stones is absolutely top notch - they virtually mimic diamonds with their brilliance and fire! There are just some times when a lady must be breathtaking - take a hint from Sassy, the more you sparkle the more easily he will be able to pick you out in a crowd! Excellent condition. SOLD

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