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This page includes a Carved Coral Brooch, A Large 14K Victorian Mourning Brooch, a Carved Ivory Brooch, Carved Ivory Hand Brooch

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Victorian English Carved Bone Hand and Roses Brooch Item VFFB9535 SOLD


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Vintage Jade Brooch Item FB1959 Driven by desire for the dramatic? Don this verdant Vintage Jade Brooch and transform your every day wear into an eye-catcher for every occasion. A richly gold plated filigree brooch mimics lush leaves while jade cabochons take on the role of luscious fruit fresh on the vine. View the detail.This circa 1960s beauty is 2 and 1/4" long by 1" wide. Indulge in an everyday elegance that is sure to please even the most discerning style watcher! Excellent condition. SOLD


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Danecraft Sterling Rose Figural Brooch (Signed Sterling Danecraft) Item SDDB9613 SOLD






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14k Gold Vermeil & Sterling Retro Bow Brooch (signed sterling) Item SB1917 It is very nearly impossible to find such stunning vintage pieces anymore. This classically retro brooch has a pin placed in such a way that it is worn diagonally (as shown). Straight from the late 1930s to early 1940s, it has a sterling with very light-gold verrmeil ribbon and bow decorated with a royal purple crystal. The ends of the ribbons have amber, purple, and green rhinestones. But the really cool thing is that this vintage brooch has matching screwback earrings. Now that's pretty rare. View the details. The brooch is real close to 3" wide and it is 1 and 1/8" tall. The earrings are 1" by by 3/4" screw backs. Together with the brooch, they weigh 27.3 grams sterling. Get out your elbow length gloves, grab your beaded purse, dust off that guy on the sofa watching the ball game and tell him "We’re going out!" (Sassy had a hard time getting the color right on this set. It is very very light rose gold. Excellent condition. Price $165.00

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Antique Carved Ivory Alligator Figural Pin Item FF9592 The fantastic fantasy of this AntiqueCarved Ivory Alligator Figural takes fierce fashion to the next level! Everyone pays attention to the ivory alligator in the room and the fearless woman who has managed to tame it! Circa 1940s, the natural curves of an African ivory boar tusk has been carefully carved DETAIL to resemble the raw power and beauty of an alligator in the wild. Take a look.This artistic antique ivory alligator figural pin is 2 and 3/4" long from tip of tail to dramatic gaping mouth. See the simple C clasp pin. This is killer fashion for serious style! Excellent condition. Price $130.00

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Victorian Tortoise Shell Peacock Figural Pin Item FF9818 Dress up your day with a precious pop of color that perfectly reflects the inner you. This pretty authentic Tortoise Shell Peacock Figural Pin has an understated elegance that will fit right in with any occasion. Whether welcoming guests at home or spending an evening out on the town, you'll wear this dainty beauty proudly. Genuine tortoise shell has been carved into a magnificent peacock with a green rhinestone eye and inlaid green and blue panel feathers. It is 1 and 3/4" long and 5/8" wide. It closes with a simple pin and C clasp. See the back. Subtle yet surprising style like this never goes unnoticed. Excellent condition. SOLD






Antique Victorian Mourning Jet Cupid Brooch Item VB6941 Ladies, don't settle for digital romance. Put this age of e-cards and smileys on the shelf and indulge in the true romance of sentimental love with this circa 1860s to 1880s Victorian Mourning Jet Cupid Brooch. This kind of artistry was the inspiration that led to an age that we yearn to recapture, even today. You can almost feel a connection to the Victorian era as you examine the minute details of this cute, chubby cherub. This graceful carved-jet-being flies about with outspread wings, looking as if you have caught him unaware. Bearing a daintily carved floral garland, this cheeky Cupid is museum quality, with intricate detail from the tips of its fingers to the tips of its wings and toes. It has such a wonderful facial expression, too! After 150 years, Victorian jet mourning jewelry is understandably rare and figural artworks like this one are even more scarce. The brooch is 2 and 1/4" wide by 1 and 1/2" tall. It has a well working pin and 'C' clasp. This Victorian fine art brooch brings romance back in a very big way. It is 150 years of age with some expected tiny nicks. Very good condition. Price $180.00

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