3 month guarantee on watch mechanisms


All watches are cleaned, oiled, and adjusted to keep time within 5 minutes per day. Sassy Classics guarantees that they will continue to work. If your antique watch stops working or does not keep time accurately, that is within 5 minutes per day, during the first 3 months of purchase, the watch may be returned for free repairs. If the watch is from the 1930s or even earlier, it is guaranteed to keep time within 10 minutes per day.

Guarantee excludes damage caused by physical impact or exposure to water. Shipping is not reimbursed but all costs of repairs are absorbed by Sassy Classics.


Cleaning, Oiling, Adjusting, and Repairs in the Future

After guarantee, for cleanings or repairs, Sassy Classics allows watch owners to commission her excellent antique watch repair men if the watch was purchased from Sassy Classics.