My Miriam Haskell Trip to 8 Mile Island

I, Sassy, personally flew to 8 mile Island in North Carolina (also known as Figure 8 Island) with my assistant, Susie, approximately 15 years ago to go to a pre-estate sale. I received a personal invitation from the grand daughter of a very wealthy widow of an early railroad magnate. I did not think twice. We flew out the next morning.

This wealthy woman lived on 8 Mile Island off the coast of North Carolina and was a major Miriam Haskell collector. Her home was unbelievable with beautiful antique rugs layered on the floors. She collected high end everything! Treasures were everywhere. And of course she also collected high end jewelry. She took the train to New York every month to go to the Miriam Haskell showroom. She had awesome taste and always bought the latest and most elaborate pieces. Money was nothing to her.

Susie and I started going through the boxes in the afternoon and stayed up all night with the daughter and grand daughter of this woman. We examined every single piece of jewelry and I spent a fortune on what I considered to be an absolute gold mine.

I have sold almost all the pieces over the last 15 years but reserved just a few.