Only for Necklaces Purchased from Sassy Classics

2 types of extensions:

1. Easy 

2. Complicated


1. Easy NEW Necklace Extenders:

New necklace extenders are 4 and 1/2" long and yes, you can use 2 of them and connect them together easily to make a 9" extension. They work particularly well if the necklace has a spring ring or a hook. They have a ring on one end and a lobster claw clasp at the other end.They come in silvertoned and goldtoned chain. If you need a new necklace extender to be added to your order, use this name, item number, and price: New Necklace Extender, Item # NE1234, Price $4.00

2. COMPLICATED Necklace Extensions:

Sassy has a large stock of extra vintage beads, vintage pearls, vintage Celluloid links, little vintage brass, silver, and gold links, and vintage chains that either match the necklace (you are purchasing from her) or are very close to a match and can be worked into the ends of a necklace (or put right at the end of a necklace) extending it 1/2" to 2" and sometimes more. Sassy also has a full time assistant who is very good at this. If she extends a necklace so that the finished look is completely vintage, the cost is usually $10 to $15.00. (see next paragraph)


Many necklaces can be extended. Some are more difficult than others and some are close to impossible. But most necklaces can be extended. If you have a question about a specific necklace, just email Sassy and ask her, "Can Item#_____ be extended and if so, what is the cost?" Email Sassy: or call her at 480 219 9251