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Two Tone Amber Necklace Item FN3822 I could not resist going to an estate sale in Sorento Italy during my one month honeymoon in January. This amber necklace came from that estate and is truly unique. It's the look of boarding school, seven sisters, several family homes and a get-away in Aspen. It has beautiful large 1/2" butterscotch amber discs at the center and 1" oval beads on each side. The butterscotch is separated with smaller black amber disc beads and gold filled orbs. View the detail. Circa 1980s, it is a comfortable 18" long and closes with a gold filled push clasp. Just a casual moneyed look that says you can't do it any way but the absolute best! Excellent condition. Price $220.00

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Rare Celluloid School Theme Necklace Item BN7243 School days. School days! School was never as much fun as this amazing school themed Celluloid necklace. Do you have all of your school supplies? Mom always said to make sure you have your pencils. You'll never be at a loss because this rare necklace has lots of dangling wooden pencil charms to make things right. And following the golden rule will be easy since this necklace has six yellow Celluloid rulers to keep things in line. What's better than an apple for teacher? These cute little apple students that's what! Celluloid apple graduates with yellow straw pigtails and royal blue felt caps and others with black felt ribbons and caps with white celluloid diplomas alternate in a dangling row that sweeps the curve of your neck. A celluloid chain holds the bounty of school days charms by golden rings. Necklace is 15 and 1/2" long and closes with a spring ring clasp. Sassy can add an extension if needed. This is an incredibly rare necklace and schoolhouse themed Celluloid from the 1940s is extremely collectable! You'll find yourself late for school and work every time you wear this incredible necklace. Everyone will want to stop you and take a closer look! Guaranteed!! Excellent condition. SOLD

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Antique Perriwinkle Blue Floral Choker Item DHN8301 This breathtaking choker is a cut above the rest when it comes to satisfying uniqueness, sophistication, and sumptuous color. Circa 1930s. Looks suspiciously like a Miriam Haskell necklace but unable to verify. So let's just say it is a drop dead gorgeous necklace. Round opaque periwinkle beads intermingle with white floral beads before cascading down into a dramatic clustered periwinkle berry bead design. The centerpiece is a full 2 and 1/2" long. View it. This stunning antique necklace is further enhanced by the dual strand periwinkle bead and seed bead strands that hold it aloft. There is unmistakable quality in this elegant antique choker. See the wiring. The necklace is choker length at 13 and 1/2" long. Step out in uncompromising elegance with this GORGEOUS and rare find! Excellent condition. Price $288.00

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Pink Art Glass Beaded Festoon (signed Germany) Item N5752 I love early German pieces; they tend to be more artistic than most vintage jewelry. Circa 1930s, this is a sinfully pink, exquisitely girlie necklace that will make you deliriously happy to be an exquisite, sinful girl who loves PINK! About as fabulously, femininely pink as you can possibly get, just short of the pink poodle and the pink mink, dahling! 15 and 1/4" long by a luxurious 2 and 1/4" wide at the center, these glamorous, original, and perfect art glass stones are just plain stunning!! View the detail. The larger beads have striations inside of them and are faceted and cupped with tiny pink art glass cups - that in itself is pretty amazing. View the beads. The larger beads including their cups graduate from 7/8" down to the center one which is 1 and 3/8". This is one beauty that will make your girlfirends want to ram your Mercedes straight into next week! Excellent condition. Price $180.00

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Elegant Opera Length Bone Necklace Item FN8995 This remarkable circa 1960s Luxurious Carved Bone Necklace is visually stunning, astonishingly engaging and incredibly luxurious. You'll find yourself riveted from the moment your fingers touch these smooth beads for the first time because they really feel like ivory. A multitudinous multi-strand collection of O-shaped beads cascades down your shoulders like an exotic waterfall of rushing white water. On either side, cylindrical beads with slightly tapered ends lend luscious contrast and enhance the overall creative design. View the detail. To transform bone into these beautiful beads took skill. Creating such an incredible showcase was an act of inspiration! To add grandiose finesse, the designer added five finely carved and polished wide bone rings to the lower portion of the necklace. These rings are moveable and can be worn anywhere below the larger cylindrical beads. With an outstanding 26" long opera-length, this necklace is more than just a flash in the pan. This is a statement piece that cannot and will not be ignored. Everyone that sees you will be enamored. Excellent condition. Price $480.00

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Givenchy Golden Medallions Necklace (signed Givenchy) Item DGN9089 Fashion isn't just about what you wear, but how you wear it. You wear this stunning Givenchy necklace like you just stepped off of the catwalk during Paris Fashion week. A myriad of golden medallions, each embossed with the iconic Givenchy symbol, allude to unbridled uxury and wealth beyond wonder. View the detail. This is fashion that defines who you are and who you want to be! The necklace is adjustable from 17 and 1/2" to 20 and 1/2" and has a dangling chain and Givenchy symbol with a lobster clasp. View the closure. Whether it's street fashion or schmoozing with the pampered elite, this necklace is all about attracting attention in all the right ways. Excellent condition. SOLD


Vintage Beaded Pearl Garland Princess Necklace N1234 This gorgeous circa 1950s Vintage Beaded Pearl Garland Necklace is a pampered princesses crowning glory! Coco Channel loved her faux pearl strands, so Sassy thinks it would be fair to say that this luminous garland would rock the Great Dame of Fashion to her core! See the necklace up close. A clustered rope of lucid faux pearls slips over your head for instant, effortless sophistication to rival royalty. See the pearls.The necklace is a luxurious 7/8"wide, 7/8" thick and 24" long. This is a signature necklace guaranteed to amaze! Excellent condition. SOLD




Glass and Blue Celluloid Poppies Item BGN5289 Wear your posies where they get the most attention. Possibly a very early Miriam Haskell necklace, the necklace is exuberant and vivacious in sophisticated navy with teal accents. The gorgeous flowers will get attention wherever and whenever you wear them. 11 ultra feminine blossoms lay on your tender skin in this 16 and 1/4" long necklace. View the detail. Circa 1920s, each flower is composed of blue celluloid petals that form blossoms. The center pistil (remember that term from Botany?) is a lovely white glass bead topped with a little teal blue discs to imitate nature. The teal discs alternate with the white beads to create the chain of the necklace. Possibly an early Haskell, the necklace closes with a large old well working spring ring clasp.. one without the thumb thingy which is what Miriam Haskell used frequently. The small teal dividers are a little faded from age which can be expected in an almost 100 year old necklace. But the combination of glass and celluloid findings in this beauty can not be beat and the necklace is still gorgeous. Nothing more seductive than poppies swaying gently on your tender décolleté. Sophisticated, and ultra feminine, the look says exuberance, wit and a bit of flirt. Very good condition. Price $288.00

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