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Elegant Opera Length Bone Necklace Item FN8995 This remarkable circa 1960s Luxurious Carved Bone Necklace is visually stunning, astonishingly engaging and incredibly luxurious. You'll find yourself riveted from the moment your fingers touch these smooth beads for the first time because they really feel like ivory. A multitudinous multi-strand collection of O-shaped beads cascades down your shoulders like an exotic waterfall of rushing white water. On either side, cylindrical beads with slightly tapered ends lend luscious contrast and enhance the overall creative design. View the detail. To transform bone into these beautiful beads took skill. Creating such an incredible showcase was an act of inspiration! To add grandiose finesse, the designer added five finely carved and polished wide bone rings to the lower portion of the necklace. These rings are moveable and can be worn anywhere below the larger cylindrical beads. With an outstanding 26" long opera-length, this necklace is more than just a flash in the pan. This is a statement piece that cannot and will not be ignored. Everyone that sees you will be enamored. Excellent condition. Price $480.00

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Vintage Cognac Amber Free-Form Matinee Necklace Item FN9411 Thousands and thousands of years ago, evergreen forests grew on the edge of the Baltic Sea. As the geological times changed and these forests were lost, the resin of these magnificent conifers were compressed, fossilized and turned into the gems we now call amber. Amber is surprisingly lightweight and warm to the touch. Sassy presents a magnificent necklace of polished cognac amber. The larger beads are a full 1 and 1/4" wide. Circa 1920s, when renewed interest in fossils and archeology was at its height, the necklace features gorgeously smooth wide lurxurious beads of amber with great looking brown inclusions, a desirable quality of amber then and now. View the inclusions. It is matinee length at 21" long and has been restrung at Sassy Classics for security and closes with its original silver filigree push clasp. Worthy of a natural history museum, fabulous as the gems in the Tower of London. Smooth amber beads, ancient fossils and modern beauty. Excellent condition. SOLD






Vintage Trifari Lucite and Enameled Necklace (signed Trifari) Item DTN9838 "Highly organized, detail oriented, articulate, culture savvy, creative and personable." Everything you are and more. Make the first impression even stronger with this Trifari statement necklace of black and white beads with an enameled centerpiece. Circa 1970s, the Trifari necklace features a cabochon centered on a wide 2 and 1/2" enameled pendant. Perfect length of 17" makes the piece ideal for the open neckline of today. Seal the deal, make the sale, in a sophisticated Trifari vintage costume necklace. Excellent condition. Price $156.00

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Monet Magenta Enameled Necklace (signed Monet) Item DMN9918 This stately 1960s necklace came from an estate in Scottsdale, Arizona. The color is somewhere between a deep magenta or deep orchid. The perfectly enameled center piece is 5 and 1/4" across and lays elegantly, with an almost casual charm - really, I'm not trying to look this good, it just happens! It is held by a single silvertoned chain The quality and superb styling are obvious in this glamorous piece. The necklace is a comfortable length, measuring in at 16 and 1/2" long and closes with a foldover clasp. View the clasp. The necklace is well - just stunning! Excellent condition. Price $168.00

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Blue Peking Glass Dangle Necklace Item N3012 SOLD




Antique Venetian Aventurine 24K gold Glitter Choker Item N1811 You've struck gold and wow does it light up a room! This luxurious circa 1930s Venetian Aventurine Choker with 24K gold flecks has a moneyed mystique that will leave you feeling like a golden goddess! Gold flecks sparkle and dance across the rich, oyster-white/warm-beige aventurine beads that make up this super swanky strand! See the gold flecksL Each of the beads is dazzling with 24k gold glitter that sets off sparks with every gleam of light. You might just be mistaken for a gold magnate! The necklace is 15 and 1/4" long and closes with an old but well working screw barrel clasp. See the clasp. The necklace has been restrung for safety using all the original parts. This glitzy antique gold choker is a rich indulgence for the stylish socialite! Excellent condition. Price $120.00

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