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Reed Chappell lives in New Orleans, LA and Scottsdale, AZ. He is from Memphis Tennessee. He is an accomplished portrait artist for people and also is a pet portrait artist. He has been commissioned by many clients across the United States, but particularlky in Memphis, Scottsdale, and New Orleans. The following are a few examples of his work with pet portraits. He works from your photos and it usually takes about 1 week. His oil portrait paintings and pet portrait drawings are guaranteed to look like your pet!


He can be contacted through this website by calling

480 219 9251 (office) or 928 595 4141 (cell)

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If you would like to see the very large closeup of this trio of pet portraits, it will load slowly but here it is.

These 3 dogs live in New Orleans. Each dog portrait drawing captures a perfect likeness.


Fatboy is a dog in New Orleans. His daddy is a doctor. The oil painted portrait was commissioned by his staff for a gift.



Oil Painting Pet Portrait of Nancy's Swans

Nancy is in Scottsdale and her swans are temporarily at a reserve in Chicago. The painting is in Scottsdale.

Dear Reed, I can not believe how much this painting looks like my swans. You have completely captured their likeness. And the painting itself is so beautiful it is beyond words. It is getting framed and I can't wait to put it above my fireplace. You are truly talented! Thank you. Sincerely, Nancy Diaz, Scottsdale, Arizona



Coltrane Oil Painted Portrait

Coltrane is in New Orleans, Louisiana

(click on thumbnail photo above to see larger photo of the painting. If you want more detail, click on the Original size which takes longer to load.)

Dear Reed, Oh MY. I can not believe how you captured my baby dog's likeness. It looks just EXACTLY like him! You know how much I love Coletrane. Well, I am moved beyond words. Thank you Thank you .... How would you like to do my sweet kitty cat? Heidi


Oil Painted Pet Portrait of 2 dogs

Bear and Sissy are in Scottsdale, Arizona




This is a Charcoal Portrait Drawing

Rubin is from Memphis, TN



TO HAVE A PORTRAIT STARTED, IT REQUIRES A 1/3 DOWNPAYMENT AND A PICTURE OF YOUR PET. Contact Sassy for more information at 480 219 9251 or 928 595 4141 or Email Sassy:


"Roadie" is in New Orleans

To see a more detailed slower loading photo click here


Questions? Call Sassy at 928 595 4141 or 480 219 9251 or Email

 Akita lives in New Orleans, LA


 "April" was from New Orleans

April was loved by her human parents for many years.This oil painted portrait is in memory of her.


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