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This page includes a Stanley Hagler N.Y.C. crystal necklace and a Stanley Hagler N.Y.C. necklace parure.

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(necklace & earrings set)

When Stanley Hagler moved from New York City to Florida, he signed his jewelry with a period after the initials of N.Y.C. Later, when others took over his business the pieces were signed without the periods after the initials OR they were signed with an additional designer's signature.

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Vintage Stanley Hagler Floral Necklace and Earrings Parure (signed Stanley Hagler, N.Y.C.) Item DHP9936 Breathtaking!! This is eye-candy at its best! Circa 1987, this charming Stanley Hagler necklace and earrings demi parure is to die for! Four pretty strands of golden translucent beads, separated by smaller yellow beads, surround your neck. And if I had put the necklace on straight instead of croocked, you would see that the beads are even on each side. The beads dip down (on each side) to meet gorgeous 1 and 3/4" beaded floral decorations. They in turn are connected to more beads that lead down to the stunning, over the top centerpiece. Good grief - This beading must have taken forever to execute! Starting at the middle is a double layer of amber colored marquise shaped rhinestones. They sit on a bed of meticulously beaded light yellow petals. Each petal is beaded with tiny light golden beads and a large amber rhinestone chaton at their centers. Smaller amber rhinestones surround each chaton. These golden leaves in turn are layered over a gorgeous leafy layer of bronze colored beads pointing out to both sides. Dangling from the centerpiece is a spectacular drop with a floral design and 5 rows of golden beads that end in large dangling topaz crystals. The necklace is 15 and 1/4" long. The centerpiece is a full 3 and 1/2" across and 2 and 1/4" tall. Including the centerpiece and the dangle together, they are a little over 6 and 1/2" long. The closure at the back is a decorative floral covered box push clasp. And let's not ignore your lobes. The matching earrings are 4 and 3/4" long! And they are drop dead gorgeous! Finding a Stanley Hagler N.Y.C. necklace parure from the 1980s is a rare treat and this signed Stanley Hagler N.Y.C. parure is beyond glorious! Excellent condition. SOLD

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