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Victorian Necklaces ,Antique Czech/Czechoslovian Necklaces, Antique Art Deco Necklaces and Antique Art Nouveau Necklaces and Parures. All antique Victorian necklaces are authentic. No re-pros here

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Victorian Black Crystal Parure Item VP9897 Circa early 1900s, this great looking 100 year old pendant looks like jet but is actually high quality leaded crystal. The faceted pendant has an open circle of silver around it and hangs from a dainty chain which is 15 and 3/4" long and closes with its original screw barrel clasp. The pretty faceted earrings are early screw backs and are 5/8" in diameter. It has the original silver chain and brass barrel clasp. Simple but gorgeous! Excellent condition. Price $106.00

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Antique Victorian Gold Filled & Coral Cameo Necklace Item FVCN120 SOLD



Czechoslovakian Silver Bow and Aqua Glass Beads (signed Czechoslovakia) Item VN7167 This dainty and darling silver plated 1930s Czechoslovakian bow necklace is an absolute dream that has no doubt spurred many a romantic interlude. A beautiful silver bow with aqua opaque glass cabochons brings lustrous light to match your magical moods. This bow is simply stunning with dramatic detail and finely framed aqua beads of various sizes and hues. A smart silver chain with links and alluring round aqua glass bead trios brings a bit of wonderful whimsy to an exceedingly pretty necklace. It measures 16 and 1/2" long and the bright bow centerpiece measures a dramatic 3" across. You'll be the lovely sensation of the fashion world when you don this romantic delight. Excellent condition. Price $180.00

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Victorian Revival Black Glass Lacy Necklace (not signed) Item VN5720 Slip into that slinky little dress that you love and make this a night to remember! Be a vision in lustrous lace with this Victorian Revival black glass necklace. The night belongs to you anytime you choose to wear this circa 1920s phenomenon. Glitzy black glass beads capture midnight's hue and gives you a bold, feminine look that others only wish they could attain. This dainty dream necklace is 16" and closes with a spring ring clasp. You're a vision in black lace and a divine one at that. Excellent condition. Price $168.00

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Dear Tara, I am glad you are so happy. Enjoy!! Sassy

Dear Sassy, Your things are exquisite, and my Victorian necklace is the exact color of my eyes, and a piece that I'll treasure as long as I live. Tara






Victorian Bohemian Garnet Necklace with Detachable Brooch Item VNB1949 This is one of the most stunning necklaces I have come across in a long time. It is very rare and is an exquisite Victorian necklace from the 1850s to 1880s and is quite impressive.  Rose cut garnet rosettes graduate in size down to the center one in gold gilt settings. Bohemian garnets cover the entire necklace and brooch. Yes, I see occasional garnet necklaces from time to time and occasionally a garnet brooch from that era. But finding a necklace with a detachable brooch? That's pretty rare. You can wear the brooch alone. View the brooch in detail. You can wear the necklace without the brooch and it has a drama of it's own as it is 1 and 1/8" in diameter at the front. The garnets start out in smaller settings at the back and graduate to larger in the front. See the graduating garnet rosettes. The necklace is 16" long and closes with a garnet covered hidden box push clasp. The brooch is 1 and 3/8" in diameter. This dramtic necklace with a detachable brooch was highly treasured in the 1800s and is even more treasured now as it is extremely rare. By the way, garnet is the birthstone for January. Glamorous and absolutely top drawer! Indispensable, feminine and gorgeous!! Excellent condition. SOLD



Czechoslovakian Blue Art Glass Orbs Necklace (signed Czechoslovakia) Item VN9441 Cast your eyes skyward. If you do, you might discover the secret behind the unbelievable color that envelops this necklace. It is a circa 1920s Czechoslovakian Necklace and it's as if the craftsmen took pieces of the sky itself to craft this Art Deco fascinator. A multitude of minimalistic braided gold tone frames surround superb, blue swirled cabochon art glass orbs as they course across the neckline with simple ring links joining them. The color is so eye-popping! The necklace is 15 and 1/4" long and it closes with a spring ring clasp. Sassy's staff can add as much as 3/4" extension if requested. You don't have to fly to own the sky thanks to this beauty. Excellent condition. $156.00

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Stunning Antique Millefiori Choker Parure Item VP9028 Magical, colorful and eternally wonderful! Such words have been used to describe your personality and this impressive 1930s Millefiori choker and earrings. Stars, flowers and flowing forms with radiant color coolly caress your neck and transform you into a veritable work of art! Circa 1940s. Nice size millefiori beads, 1/2" in diameter, flaunt their fantastic artistry accomplished through meticulous handcrafting. And because they are each hand made, no 2 beads are exactly alike making this a completely unique piece. These are very old Murano art glass millefiori beads and represent the highest of quality and craftsmanship. Gold filigree caps and colorful red and gold stringing knotted between each bead add richness and color. The necklace measures 14 and 1/4" long a and closes with a screw barrel clasp. Decorating your lobes are magnificent matching earrings that are a showy 3/4" in diameter. You're a stunner and nothing can complement your look more than this showoff femme fantasy beauty! Excellent condition. Price $162.00

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