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Vintage ladies watches on this page include an outstanding vintage asymetrical Baume & Mercier 14k Gold Ladies Wrist Watch, vintage 14K & 18K gold wrist watches, a 1960s vintage Ladies Rolex Wrist Watch, a black enameled vintage 14K Gold Ladies LeCoultre Watch, A vintage Girard Perregaux Ladies Watch, an 18K Rolex Vintage Watch, a 14k Lady Movado Vintage Wrist Watch, an Omega Platinum and Diamond Ladies Vintage Watch, an antique 14k rose gold lady watch, and other antique and vintage wrist watches. 

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Rolex Dainty 14K Gold and Diamond Watch (signed Rolex Montres 14k Gold, 17 Jewels, Swiss) Item DRWE41 Glowing like a beam of sunlight this posh Rolex timepiece set in solid 14K yellow gold is framed by a bevy of sparkling diamonds for a truly striking display of luxury. It is quadrupled signed Rolex and it is sleek and skinny with the head of the watch being just 7/8" long and 7/16" wide. Circa 1960s, when glamour and practicality were perfectly matched. The beautiful original rectangular yellow gold face is in pristine condition and bears twelve raised gold bars, and is kept company by 34 stunning bright and clear diamonds!They add up to 2/3 of a carat of pure dazzle! View the detail. The band is a lovely integrated (vocabulary) 14K gold mesh band and features a fold over clasp and a fold over lock and an extra safeguard... a guard chain as well - Fort Knox could take some lessons from this clever timepiece! View the watch with the clasp opened up. Of course the fortunate wearer of this distinguished watch will appreciate all that security because it would be a real shame to lose track of all those diamonds as well as 17 grams of gorgeous, lustrous 14k gold! It has been cleaned and serviced by Sassy's excellent watchmaker and keeps accurate time. View the back which can be engraved. The band is graduated from 5/16" at the widest to 1/4" at the narrowest. For a medium sized to small wrist... 6" long but Sassy can have her expert jeweler add a 14K extension for $100.00 or make it smaller if requested. Luxury never looked so good. It is signed on the works, signed on the face, signed on the stem, and signed on the clasp. View the Rolex insignia. An old money look and a real sassy classic! Excellent condition. SOLD





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Rolex Montres (Signed Inside back of watch case: Montres Rolex SA, 14K, 0.585, Geneva Switzerland, 313, J282. Mechanism is signed: Rolex 17 Jewels, unadjusted, Montres 1400) Item DRW33 Is it possible to have a torrid love affair with a watch? Can a mere timepiece lead a woman to the brink of seduction? Sassy says if yours doesn't it's time for a new watch! This unbelievably sensuous watch is likely to make you sigh, make you moan just a little and tempt you mercilessly with its almost liquid smooth feel. Naturally, you'll be drawn in by that rich luxurious warm 14k gold band. Why it's absolutely eye popping! View it up close. But once you slip into that 14K gold articulated band you will be a changed woman. Yes, solid 14K gold - the whole band! View the band. The 6 and 3/4" band which Sassy can have shortened or lengthened for free, is decorated with a delightful etched pattern of gold bricks. It stands out in shiny relief against the softly burnished gold that tapers ever so slightly towards the back of the wrist - so comfortable. View the clasp and the closure. And now view the Rolex signed stem. 36.5 grams gold. But oh, oh, oh! The band goes on like a lover's sigh - smooth as the finest silk and more sensuous than you can begin to imagine! All those tiny articulated links fit together seamlessly so that they are virtually invisible when worn and of course that makes the feel of it against your wrist indescribably sexy! It is the most luxurious watch Sassy has ever had the pleasure of seeing or touching. You will look fabulous and more than that, you will feel fabulous! You are wearing a Rolex! Absolutely pristine. Excellent condition. SOLD




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Omega 4.5 Carat Diamond Baguette Watch (signed Omega 14k, Switzerland, 17 jewels) Item DOW1968 Hold it right there! You hear so many superlatives you may be getting a bit jaded. But this circa 1950s Omega 14K white gold watch has left so many in the dust, it's been there, done that as far as superlatives go. It is electifying! A watch of this caliber takes the superlative to a new level. 2.50 carats is a rare catch, 3.50 carats is a lodestar find, but 4.50 carats of diamonds? WOW! That sounds like a South African mine full! The band alone has 2 carats of diamonds! View the band. Not only does it have 136 high quality diamonds adding up to over 4.5 carats, but it is an Omega!! The ultra feminine design is just outstanding. View the detail. The diamonds are of course all set in openwork settings to let the light shine through. View from the side. Oh my Goodness. I had this watch sitting on my desk without light shining directly on it and it kept catching my eyes. Unable to get it into focus on my desk, but look at the sparkle even without proper photography lighting. Whoever commissioned this museum quality piece threw caution to the wind and had the bucks to back it up! Currently, the jeweled timepiece weighs 19.4 grams and measures 6 and 1/2" in length, but Sassy's jeweler extraordinaire can add some additional length, if you so request. This service is provided free of charge (by Sassy) on this beauty. The manual winding mechanism winds up perfectly and the watch keeps time. Guaranteed for 1 year. Sleek, glittering, and all those diamonds! Fabulous jewel sensation, join the upper echelon of society without changing your address. Unique, and rare, straight out of the vault, Harry Winston, don't you want to add this Omega flasher to your collection? Photos do not do it justice. Excellent condition. $12,000.00

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14K Jeweled Enameled Cameo Slide Bracelet Watch (signed 14K Altair, Incabloc, 17 Jewels) Item DACW9520 Stunning does not begin to describe this rare and incredible flip top hidden timepiece. The enameled face and the faces of the cameos are gorgeous. Sassy says it is even prettier in person because each jewel on the slide bracelet takes turns catching your eye. Victorian Revival, it is from the 1960s. You will be a star of the paparazzi when you slip this knock-out 14K yellow gold amazing watch on your wrist. It is not only a watch, but it is a slide bracelet too. The head of the watch is a flip top beautifully enameled cameo and is 5/8" wide at the center. The band and watch are integrated into a slide bracelet and measures 6 and 1/4" long and sassy's jeweler can add a little extension if needed. The 14K gold band is totally spectacular with a dazzling constellation of jewels including coral, sapphires, rubies, pearls, amethyst, a mother of pearl cameo, and a shell cameo. Nothing detracts from the overall glamorous profusion of jewels because the hidden push clasp has an emerald and 2 pearls hiding it. The watch weighs 39.9 grams. Incabloc manual mechanisms are considered high quality timepieces. When you lift the cameo top, you can peek at a perfectly clean face. Naturally a 14K gold watch with 17 jewels and an incabloc mechanism keeps perfect time, whether you're meeting someone at your private plane or the neighborhood cineplex. It is Unusual, rare, and spectacular. Excellent condition. SOLD



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Rolex Montres 14K Gold and Diamond Watch (signed Rolex, 14K, Montres, 1400, 17 jewels, S.A., Swiss, Italy) Item DRW1925 Rolex. SOLD


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Astorec Classic 14k Gold Incabloc Ladies Watch (signed 14K Gold, Astorec Classic, 21 Jewels, Swiss, Incabloc) Item DAW8496 First off, Incabloc is the name of a very sophisticated shock protection mechanism invented in 1934. It has a very fine reputation for time keeping and is even used in Rolex, Omega, Baume & Mercier, and other fine watches. This circa 1950s sleek and dainty high quality watch is set in rich 14K white gold and has beautiful swirled lugs that have a combination of smooth and brushed gold. View the swirled lugs. This gives the smooth parts a flash any time you move your hand and at first glance look like diamonds. The face is super clean and easy to read with gold markers for each hour. Purchased at an estate in Scottsdale, Arizona, it has been cleaned, oiled, and adjusted and keeps time beautifully. The pretty and classic black cord band (see the band) is 6 and 5/8" and Sassy's jeweler can replace it with a matching black cord band that is longer if needed. It closes with a foldover clasp. See the clasp. astorecclosure.jpg Excellent condition. Price $372.00

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Rolex 18K Diamond Watch (signed Rolex Perpetual Datejust, Superlative Chronometer, Officially certified, Swiss made) Item DRW3147 SOLD


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Vintage Girard Perregaux 14K Hearts Ladies Watch (signed Girard Perregaux, 14K) Item DPW8196 When Madame notices that Jeeves has called her late for supper, what do you think she is looking at? Certainly not a dime store timepiece - oh no - not for someone of her 'station'. Well, what's she got that you haven't got (besides a butler, of course)? Perhaps this extraordinarily elegant watch? Girard Perregaux manufacturers are some of the finest and most complicated timepieces in the world. Imagine draping your wrist in all this lush splendor! The beautiful round face is a symphony in white and gold and clean as a whistle. The lovely face is framed in rich 14K gold because a green wrist would look so déclassé' when taking a sauna at the club. The fabulous luxurious gold heart lugs are to die for! They overlap the black cord band which fits a 6 and 7/8" wrist and Sassy's staff can change it to a little longer or shorter fresh black cord band if needed. Circa 1940s, it has been cleaned, oiled, and adjusted and it runs perfectly and will last for years, so you will always know when it's time to meet your broker to discuss your holdings. Perfectly demure for everyday wear yet conveniently classy when you just can't get home before dining with the Senator. Go ahead, live a little. You're on your own with the servants but the watch - let Sassy help you out! Excellent condition. Price $960.00

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